Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites & Some Things in Between

It was yet another busy week and weekend, and I'm just getting to my weekly post.  Here's a tiny glimpse of what went on...

Alyssa said "Momma" !!  And let me say, it's not just part of her jibber jabber.  It's like actually a word in her vocabulary.  She calls me.  Mostly when she is eating, when I'm too busy feeding myself or doing something else that she has to get my attention.  And also when she has had enough of the exersaucer or high chair, she lets me know she is ready to get on the move.  You have no idea how much that excites me!  Keira did not consistently say Momma until she was almost 2 1/2 years old which broke my heart.  So to hear Alyssa saying it warms my heart.  (She does say Dada too but has for awhile)

Poor Keira has had quite the boo boo's this week.  She got her finger shut in MiMi's car door on Monday, like completely.  Then Monday night she was running waaay too fast with Alyssa's walker toy, hit a seam in the flooring between rooms, and completely flipped over it, head first.  Then Wednesday she was trying to get into my closet where I'm storing all her bedroom stuff and I went to shut the door really fast and again shut her thumb in the door, completely.  Not to mention all of her other daily incidents.  But she's a tough girl and always says that her boo boo's are all better.

The look when I turn around after cooper's been licking her face for who knows how long.  Gross. 

Keira's room update:  The walls have been painted lavender, and after buying 2 different bed frames, lots of time, patience, and frustrations (trying to save money by not buying the Babies R Us conversion kit), we Scott got her big girl bed all put together.  I do not recommend buying a convertible crib.

My sister moved!!  After a day of stressful moving for them on Friday, Scott proposed in their new home.  And she sad yes!  I have never seen my sister so happy and that I am thankful for.  I am thrilled to pieces that she is so happy.  That they are so happy.  (And her ring is beautiful too!!  As you can see.)  Congratulations Brandy and Scott!!!

Now we have a birthday party to look forward to.  Keira turns three on Friday.  I just can't believe it!

Have a good week everyone!

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