Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites & Some Things in Between

I'm a little late on posting this...but these are from last week that I never got around to posting.

Another week gone by in just a blink of an eye...

Keira dyed Easter eggs for the very first time at MiMi's house!

Alyssa likes mushed up bananas!

Both of the girls got some great early Easter gifts from Nonna.  Now Keira won't take off these new sunglasses, or stop putting on the chap stick, or let go her new adorable bag (that holds her sunglasses, chap stick, keys, and cell phone).

Alyssa has learned how to entertain herself quite well in a shopping cart!  While shopping for purple paint in Lowes the other night, Scott was pushing the girls around in the cart when Lyssa's carrier started rocking back and forth as if Keira was doing her normal, Let's see how fast we can rock the baby in this thing.  So he immediately spoke to Keira, assuming she was doing it...but it was actually Alyssa with her cute little feet stretched up to the back of Keira's seat pushing off of the metal bar and making her carrier rock so fast, and she was just a giggling away.  She thought it was so much fun and just kept on and.  I had a hard time shopping for paint anymore, we just kept cracking up at her.  Explaining it just doesn't do it justice, but it was so adorable to see her amusement.  I tried videoing but it didn't turn out.

Keira actually colored her belly button in with a black pen.  Kinda freaked me out at first!

Keira's phrase of the week:  
"Okay Guys!"  
Many responses have had the word "guys" in it.  Not sure where in the world that came from, but it's been pretty funny.  I'll say are you ready? and she'll say "okay guys!" Or She'll say "Come On Guys"  She cracks us up.  The way she says things is just so humorous.  So much personality!

I thought Alyssa was good at peek-a-boo last week, but this week she got really good at it!

Keira pee peed on the asphalt at the car wash vacuum area by me holding her under her knees as if she was sitting on a potty (we had no choice, there was no potty around).  Then as we're pulling out, we read the sign saying "Video Surveillance on Premises"...Ooops!  Sorry camera reviewer people....gotta do what ya gotta do!

We finally bought Keira's birthday party stuff...she tried this on in store

It was a busy busy week and weekend for us..and we have a busy rest of the month coming up.  Including...

My sister moves to Chesterfield next Friday...Yay!!
My friend is having her baby April 24th...another Yay!!
Keira's 3rd birthday is April 27th...where did those 3 years go?!?!
Her birthday party is that weekend
And we're trying to paint her room and get everything together by her birthday party!
Whoah, I'm exhausted thinking about it!

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