Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites, and Some Things in Between

Lots went on for Alyssa this week...

It was Alyssa's First Easter!

She turned 9 months old.  Whoah, not sure how that happened!

We just noticed that she is cutting her first two teeth, finally.

She did "Arms Up" on command without being shown...we do it with her all the time, but this week was the first time she did it without us showing her first.  So cute!

It was Keira's Spring no preschool!

My sister moves in less than a week! Super excited!!

Scott majorly hurt his back, somehow.  It is gradually, very slowly getting a tad bit better.  But still has a ways to go.

Keira really had no particular word or phrase that she said repeatedly this week.  She did use the word "dangerous" for the first time which was funny to me.
Keira:  "Momma, don't touch my flop-flops no more!  They're dangerous!"
Me:  "They're dangerous?"
Keira:  "Ya, they're dirty!"
Silly girl.

I did not take any pictures of them this week, just have snapped a few this weekend...What is wrong with me??  Lo-Lite.  I guess they do need a break from the camera sometimes.

Alyssa is now a big enough girl to sit in the front of a shopping cart...her first time being today.  It makes it great for our Wal-Mart grocery shopping trips, much better than pushing around 2 carts, and it was great entertainment for both the girls.  Lots of peek-a-boo, patty cake, and sweet giggles.

We now have pretty much everything for Keira's new room.  We bought the bed rails and her new mattress and box springs this weekend.  Plan to paint sometime this week, finish her canvases and throw it all together this weekend.  Yay!  I love having a project to do!

Have a good rest of the weekend!!

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