Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites, and Some Things in Between

Nothing too incredibly exciting has gone on this week.  In fact, sometimes I have a hard time just deciphering between my weeks...they go by so very fast that they become a blur.  I really try to notice the things that matter...appreciate the good moments, laugh at the funny ones, and never dwell on the negative. It's hard when we're so incredibly busy, but I have found myself doing better.  Here's a little glimpse of our week...

Keira learned the word "stupid" from somewhere (probably from me when referring to the dog).  
She used it in this context... 

"Where that stupid fly at?!?"  
(emphasis on stupid and with an attitude) 

I was like What did you say??  And she repeated it.  Kind of a lo-lite being that it sounds bad when a 2 year old uses the word stupid...but it was pretty funny.  And she definitely could have said worse.

I've gotten a pretty good start on buying what we need to re-do Keira's lavender excited for her to have a big girl room!

We finally bought a lawn mower.  A push mower, which is all we need for our tiny yard.  It was long overdue since my poor husband has been weed eating the yard for 2 years now.  So that was huge for us...or for him.  (Although I plan to learn how to cut grass soon). And Keira now wants a pink lawn mower for herself so she can cut the grass too.  I told her she could ask for one for her she said she was going to ask "Branny"  (my sister).

Helping Daddy set it up

I had a goal to start jogging regularly this get in better shape for summer.  Well I jogged once...on Monday.  Does that even count?  I plan to do better next week ;)  We shall see...

Keira got a haircut by MiMi...

This one's a huge Hi-Lite...Alyssa went from a laying down position to a sitting position all by herself!!!  It was so adorable.  She was laying down, got one leg into indian style with the other still bent backwards, looking much like the splits and very uncomfortable, and as I was about to get up to help her get out of that awkward position she sat up just perfectly.  I was so proud of my sweet little lazy baby!

Keira has gotten really good at singing the ABC's.  She has been pretty good at it when we sing together but we've noticed her singing in the back of the car all by herself and doing a great job.  It's so stinkin' cute!

Alyssa is loving peek-a-boo these days.  She has always loved it when you threw the blanket over her, but now she is starting to pull the blanket up herself and waiting for you to say "Where's Alyssa?"  before she pulls it down.  Oh my goodness, she is adorable!

Keira's phrase for the week:  "Hang on!" (in sort of a country-ish accent)
I've noticed over the past several weeks that she tends to repeat a certain word or phrase over and over for about a week.  It's like she just picks her favorite word for that week and then moves on to a new word the next week.  A few weeks ago she said "K" (as in Okay) for everything.  That was great because she willingly agreed to so much.  You asked her to put her on her shoes, and her response was "K!"  You asked her to do pretty much anything and she responded with "K!"  (Where now she wants to do the opposite of what you say).  Then she went a week where she constantly said "Ya!"  Any yes or no question resulted in the answer "Ya"  It's hard to express her language and expressions through writing, but whenever I read this back, I know I'll remember exactly!  So I'm going to try to document these so I can always remember them.

We did not win the lottery, unfortunately.  But there's so much more to life than money.  And what the heck would we do with all of it anyways?  Quit work, hire a maid, buy a big house with a big yard, donate a lot of it, probably most of it...okay we didn't win so it doesn't matter.
Besides, I like my simple little life just the way it is!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

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