Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Painted Canvas

Having yesterday off, I spent time with my girls, did the usual straightening up, dishes, and a little bit of laundry (actually that's not a usual thing for me to do on my day off, I usually leave it for another day), but then I also had to compensate for poor Scott and his helplessness as he missed work for his back pain...and I mean severe pain and inflammation, to the point that he can't hardly move, to the point that I'm helping him get dressed. I can see the hurt in his face, and it just breaks my heart.  Prayers for him would be greatly appreciated!

But in all my free time -HaHa- I decided to work on another canvas.  I've really been wanting to complete these canvases for Keira's new room so that once we have everything we can put it all together.  Our goal being before her birthday party.  So parts of my day off were spent painting...and I now have 2 completed canvases...leaving just 1 left to do.  Here is the one I painted yesterday...

This sham is part of her new bedding and was my inspiration...


  1. I am stunned by your absolute creativity!!! These are beautiful Amber!

    1. Thank you Tammy! (but I just copied the picture on the pillow...YOU are the creative one! =) )