Thursday, April 19, 2012

Alyssa Nickole at 9 Months

My sweet Alyssa turned 9 months old last week and had her 9 month checkup yesterday.  They say she is a healthy baby girl with the following info...

Height:  28 inches (62%)
Weight:  17 lbs 8.5 oz (37%)
Head:  17.25 inches (48%)

Basically, she is still the easiest, sweetest baby ever born.  I feel truly blessed to have her as my own.   She is calm, laid back, and easily entertained...allowing me to deal with big sister a little more easily, considering she is the complete opposite.  She is so incredibly happy all the time!

She gives the absolute best hugs.  Her hugs wrap around your neck so tight and are so meaningful.  It will melt our heart.  I am so thankful that I get one whenever I want.

She is going through a bit of stranger anxiety.  She prefers to be with those she knows well, and has been crying when strangers hold her or even get in her face.  That pouty lip comes out, her arms reach for me, and at that point, I just want to rescue her.

As I've said before, she has gotten really good at peek-a-boo and loves it.  You pull out a blanket and her face lights up.  She has also started arms up, high five, and waving.  Usually all on her terms though.  One similarity to Keira.

She is certainly able to get to whatever it is she wants, on ground level.  She can crawl, in a scooching type way, but is not yet pulling up to a standing position.  But that's okay with me, she can take her sweet time.

As all babies do, she loves putting everything in her mouth.  And having an almost 3 year old makes it difficult to keep things off the floor.  Recently, I have found many things in her mouth including a penny, a foil candy wrapper on two different occasions, a foam sticker, hair, paper, and a clothes tag.

She finally has 2 teeth!  They're barely showing, but they're so cute!

Her Hemangioma has stayed about the same the past few months.  Not getting any darker or larger, maybe just lightening up some in the center...a sign that it's fading away.

Thankfully, she quickly outgrew her phase of not wanting to eat.  She now eats pretty much everything we feed her.  She still loves her bottles and she eats all her fruits and veggies.  She doesn't seem to even have any favorites at this point.  She loves her puffs and Mum-Mums.  She also loves yogurt and ice cream.

She loves bath time, her exersaucer, playing in the pack-and-play filled with toys, swinging outside, she likes watching TV with Keira and dances every time Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on, and she loves her big sister!

 She actually enjoyed her doctor's visit yesterday, until the shot of course.  She laughed and played the entire time...

We are so thankful to have such a sweet little baby girl.  She makes our little family complete.  She is absolutely adored by Keira and  makes anyone and everyone smile.  She is truly a gift from God and I look forward to every second with her.  These girls are our world!

Happy 9 months Alyssa!  (Do me a favor though...stop growing so quickly!)

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  1. i havent read your blog in a long time....i love it!!!! your babies are soooooo sweet!!!!!