Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shameless Snapshot Sundays

So I've linked up to Sara's "Shameless Snapshot Sundays"!  My first linkup ever.  She created this linkup as a way to showcase the things we love most in our lives.  I can now share some of those random cute moments that I capture with my cell phone or even with my camera that don't necessarily have a story to tell.  Plus, Sunday's aren't blogging days for I can still share a glimpse of my life without spending my Sunday time typing.  Thanks Sara for the linkup!  And for anyone else wanting to join in, check out her blog , Life in these times...

Just snapped a few pictures while girls were eating's a time we get to spend together before heading off to work

Stopped by Sunday Park last Sunday evening just to look out at the water...and Keira fed the ducks a few french fries too...Shhh!

Wearing her new shades home from school

Lyssa's morning play time in Momma's floor

Caught Keira feeding Alyssa when I wasn't looking...

Looking adorable after church

Big sister reading to Lyssa while Momma cooks burns dinner

Well I shared more pictures than I realized I even had from this week.  But what can I say...I have a lot to capture!  Happy Sunday!

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