Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Purple Room

Keira has had the same pink and brown bedroom decor since she was born.  And being that its been a long while since she had a bumper and a mobile, the rest of the room really hasn't had much of a theme.  Now that she is turning THREE years old this Spring, we've agreed that it's a great time for some change.  To give her a space that's catered more to Keira.  To allow her to pick a color that she would enjoy having in her room.  To make it look more like a little girl's room instead of a baby room.  And guess what color she picked?  Purple.  Of coarse she picked purple.  I had no doubts that she would pick any color other than purple.  And that is just fine by me.

So we're in the market for a new purple room!  One that still allows her to be a little girl, but also one that will grow with her a few years...or many years hopefully. This is actually much harder than I thought it would be.  I typically get an idea in my head before ever researching my options, and then I often have a hard time finding something to match the idea in my head.  But we've finally found the quilt and shams that we want to go with...from Pottery Barn...and waaay too expensive, may I add.  But we're hoping she will have it for years to come and that it will be worth the splurge.  We will be going inexpensive on everything else...sheets, bed skirt, lamp, curtains, etc...meaning nothing else from Pottery Barn!

Keira has Espresso furniture...a long dresser, a large armoire, and a toddler bed that we'll be converting to a full bed while transforming her room (the other expensive part to this).  I'll be sure to share before and after's of her room transformation as soon as we're done...hoping to have it all together in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I'll share the little things I'm doing for her room along the way.  Starting with these adorable little butterflies that I found at...Dollar Tree.  I just happened to see these when browsing through and for $1, I couldn't resist.  Besides, any reason to paint is worth it for me.  It's such a therapeutic hobby for me.  So here is the hanging butterfly set before and after...



Not bad for a $2 project, huh?

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