Friday, March 2, 2012

March First

It worked out perfectly that I wasn't able to have my normal Wednesday off this week.  Honestly, I was a little frustrated when I made that schedule and realized I couldn't have my regular day off because, even though I could take Thursday off, Keira has pre-school on Thursdays so half of my day would be without her.  But it was proved to me that everything does work out for the best.  Wednesday was a wash out!  And Thursday was a gorgeous, sunny, 80 degree perfect kind of weather.  And because it had rained so much the day before, it was too wet for Scott to work too.  So it became a family day.....YaY!  (Yes we are nerdy like that).

I debated letting Keira play hookie from school altogether but thought that wasn't setting a very good example, plus we do pay for her to go.  So I just decided to pick her up early instead.  Scott went fishing for a while, we played outside and on the deck, we cooked on the grill, Scott planted flowers that will hopefully bloom beautifully this Spring, and went for a nice long walk after dinner.

I must explain that the reason Keira is holding her hair in every picture is because it was a little windy or "winny" as she calls it.  She didn't even want to go outside at first because it would mess up her hair.  She was determined that if she let go of her pony tail, that the wind would mess it up.  Silly girl.  (And I must say that she hasn't learned that from me...I have been much better about that kinda thing...since I had my hair chemically straightened anyways =)  I guess it's in the genes...or maybe she got it from her MiMi)

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