Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites & Some Things in Between

What a warm week we've had!  We have spent lots of time outside this week, playing on the deck and going for walks.  We are so loving this weather!

A glimpse of Keira's goofiness!

Our first little flower bloomed!  And the others have come up beautifully over the week too.  Yes we planted pink, very pink flowers.  And I love them!

Keira has made it known, very known, that she is absolutely petrified of bugs.  Any kind of bug.  She literally has like panic attacks when she sees a bumble bee, a wasp, a fly, or even an ant.  She runs and screams and cries.  It's possible she learned that fear from me.

Alyssa has been sticking her tongue out a lot this week.  When she plays, smiles, or just sits there.  It's adorable!  Here is some evidence...

Keira got her first Jelly Beans from Grandma's house!  And she calls them "Butter Beans".  Hahaha

I think I overslept everyday this week.

Lyssa had her very first taste of a McDonald's ice cream cone...well the ice cream part...and she likey likey!  Just like her Momma!

 Keira had a Shamrock Parade at school!

Both girls have really began to suffer from bueno!

And lastly, Scott sucked up my cheek with the vacuum hose.  Umm yeah...enough said!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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