Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi-lites, Lo-lites & Some Things in Between

Our week's hi-lites, lo-lites, and some things in between...

Monday we saw snow, rain and sunshine.  Now were at the end of the week and it's in the mid 70's.  Strange winter.  But I sure hope Spring weather is coming because I'm super excited for flip-flops, tanning, pretty toe nail polish, blonde hi-lites, longer days, after-dinner strolls, less coats lying all over my house, and the beach!

Only 6 more weeks until my sister moves back to Chesterfield...Yay!!

We tried out the "sit and stand' way to use the double stroller.  Keira can stand on the back and hold on or she can sit in the little seat and face me (without being buckled in).  It gives her a little more freedom (which I don't recommend at nap time).  But overall, I'm very pleased with it.  It's nice to have that option.  Keira loved it, and  being that Lyssa could see her big sister, she giggled the entire stroll.

"I ridin' a horsey!  Fun!"  -Keira-

There's those giggles!

Me and Keira painted our nails!  Keira has wanted pretty nails for awhile now but has not let me paint them since her 1st birthday.  She has been scared of the polish, and I always caught her coloring them with markers or crayons instead.  But she finally let me paint them and she picked pink.  She told me to do it easy, and after she said "It don't hurt."  

"My fingas pwetty.  My toes pwetty.  Momma's toes pwetty!"

Oh how I'm glad I       have girls!                          

I started this Pinterest always remember the cute and funny things that Keira says.

This was Keira's famous quote of the week.  We have no clue where she got it.  We asked her who told her that, she listed Daddy, and Cooper, and Alyssa...all of which we know aren't true.  So who knows.  But she has said "The cookie monster gonna get me!" and "Cooper, the cookie monster gonna bite you!" and several things pertaining to the cookie monster.  Very random!
She has really began to use her imagination this week.  She has even mentioned dinosaurs.  Cooper was out on the deck, and she called him to come in saying "a dinosaur is gonna get you!"  She has also played "doctor" to her baby dolls.  It's really entertaining to watch her!

 We also met Daddy for lunch on our day off, in hopes to brighten his day.  I think it just made him want to leave work even more!

Alyssa is giving great hugs these days!  And it will truly melt your heart every time!

Scott explained to me, while listening to "Firework" by Katy Perry, that he thinks of me on that song because he thinks I'm a firework.  And that out of all the people in the world, I stand out to him!  He probably worded it better than me, but you get the point.  He is so sweet!

So there's some random this and that from our week.  Glad it's the weekend...planning to enjoy every second of it!  Happy weekend everyone!

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