Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites, and Some Things in Between

Our week's Hi-Lites, Lo-Lites, and some things in between...

Alyssa had her first playground swinging experience...she loved it!  And we've already gone back for another.

I transferred all of our camcorder videos since Keira has been born onto DVD...huge accomplishment!

I've replaced all of the frames throughout my house that I wanted updated...another accomplishment.  I've been  needing to do that for a long time.

Alyssa has dramatically increased her scooching ability...getting much closer to an actual crawl.  She scooches her little butt high in the air, crosses her arms in front of her (without using them to move), and pushes off with her feet.  This just might be her version of a crawl. She certainly can get to what she wants easily.  It's quite adorable!

Keira is loving wearing her new "Flop Flops" !  Usually put on the wrong feet...

I started tanning.  I know its unhealthy and I shouldn't do it.  But I thoroughly enjoy it and gives me a little more confidence, somewhat disguising my stretch marks...well not really, but tanned skin always looks better.

Lyssa tried Mum-Mum's this week.  And has been munching away on them!  Literally, they're gone in like a minute!

I ordered 2 new bathing suits...unfortunately things have shifted since baby #2, making the bathing suits I have not very flattering.  But I will be wearing a bikini regardless of the flabby skin and stretch marks.  Only 9 more weeks before the beach.  YAY!

Keira got these adorable sunglasses that she picked out at Wal-Mart...

I've linked up to Sara's "Shameless Snapshot Sundays" weekly post.  Yay, a place for my random, "don't have a story to tell with this picture", kinda pictures.

Now it's gonna be a very rainy weekend.  But it's nice to do nothing.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Can you teach me how to link up! lol I have NEVER been able to figure it out! :) Hope you guys are enjoying a lazy weekend!