Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Gift for Baby Keaton

One of my very best friends, Brianne, is having a baby boy this Spring...Keaton.  Keaton is coincidentally due on Keira's birthday, April 27...which I think is so neat!  Her baby shower was this weekend, and in addition to gifts off her registry, I really wanted to give her something more personal.  I decided to turn a simple frame into a personalized frame with colors from his nursery, a letter "K" and a few baby embellishments. And this was actually 100% my idea.  I simply thought of it and went to Michaels and Ben Franklin to buy what I needed... surprisingly, Pinterest did not inspire this project ; )  Maybe just the buzz of creativity going around with Pinterest sparked the idea for me...

For anyone wanting to make their own personalized frame, here is a general tutorial on how I made Keaton's frame...

What I bought...

  • A simple white frame - 8x10 but matted for a 5x7 photo
  • Lime green and aqua scrap booking paper (his nursery colors)
  • A 1 inch or 1.5 inch plain, unfinished wooden letter (I got the thinnest one I could find so it would fit under the glass in the frame)
  • Lime green paint (I already had spring green paint and white paint on hand)
  • Shadow box kit that included...lime green and aqua ribbon, a silver tag saying "Baby Boy" threaded to ribbon, lime green and blue buttons, safety pins, little feet and hands, and photo corners...finding this box that matched pretty perfectly helped a lot because it was exactly what I had in mind for embellishing it

How I made it...
  • Traced the matting onto the aqua paper and cut it out (I used a paper cutter) and mounted it onto the actual matte
  • Measured 2 inch long strips of the lime green paper (made them as wide as the matte obviously) to use on the sides, centered them on the blue and used photo squares to stick them to the aqua paper
  • Cut 2 pieces of aqua ribbon and 2 pieces of lime green ribbon - each as wide as the matte
  • Lined the green paper with blue ribbon and lined the blue ribbon with the green ribbon...also used photo squares for this
  • Placed the green ribbon with the "Baby Boy" tag threaded through just below the picture opening at the bottom
  • Painted the letter "K" green - a mixture of lime green and spring green paint (neither were just the right color).  I thought that looked a little plain, so I decided to use white paint and dot the edges for a stitched look.  
  • Once the paint dried, I coated it with a layer of Mod Podge for a glossy finish (couldn't find my glossy spray finish for that but the Mod Podge worked just fine)
  • Placed the "K" at the bottom left corner of the matte, just covering the green ribbon in the center of the "K" - used a hot glue gun for that
  • Stuck on 3 little buttons in the top right corner (one of each color)
  • Stuck on 2 buttons in the strip of green paper on the left side and 2 little baby feet in the strip of green paper on the right side
  • Placed the matte underneath the glass and its done (the "K" makes it a little hard to pry the tabs down which keep the glass down flat - that's why the thinnest letter you can find works best)

I love putting real thought into a gift.  I enjoyed making this for Keaton, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out...Now I hope Bri likes it, I hope it matches his nursery, and I hope she can find room for it!

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