Monday, March 12, 2012

Alyssa Nickole at 8 months

It's really hard for me to believe that Alyssa is actually 8 months old today!  I feel like I just pushed that 8 pounder out...without the epidural that I requested, may I add.  (I would do it a million times more for this girl though).  It's been a couple of months since I've done an update on her, so here's to all about Alyssa...

- Lyssa
- Lyssa Boo
- Squirt
- A Wyssa (Keira's pronunciation that we all find ourselves saying)

This girl smiles over everything!  (Polar opposite of her big sister)  She is the happiest and sweetest baby ever!

She absolutely loves her big sister!  She's always laughing at Keira's singing, dancing, and overall goofiness.  It's the best entertainment for her. 

She is generally content without being entertained.  I guess that's the second child for ya.  She will sit in her exersaucer or roll around on her tummy mat or lay on my bed forever (I have to watch her rolling off the bed these days though...already boo hoo'd over that once).  Water bottles and Tupperware are also very entertaining for her.

She is lazy.  She doesn't have any interest in sitting up.  She can sit for a short period of time, but then she will lean over and rest...or just topple over.  She gets it from me...not that I'm "lazy" but I lack energy ; )  She is calm and laid back like me.  She sits back, watches, and just takes it all in.

She can get from point A to point's far from what I would consider a crawl...but with some rolling and scooching she can get to where she wants.

She has not a single tooth yet.

She is my early girlie...almost always waking up by 6 or 6:30...but give her a bottle and snuggle her in momma's bed, and she's usually out for another hour or two.

She's not a fan of eating these days...
She drinks her bottles okay...but not as much as she should.
She loves fruits...but she has to be in the mood.
She hates vegetables...but will usually tolerate sweet potatoes.
It takes lots of patience to feed her.

She is not at all consistent with having a routine.  It's a struggle to tell a babysitter when she is due to eat or how much to feed her.  It's a guessing game everyday.  Some feedings she'll gulp down a 6 1/2 oz bottle...other times she squeezes those little lips together so tight after only having an oz or two, and when she does that, you aren't getting any more in her.  A lot of formula goes wasted with her.

Loves, loves, loves bath time!  As soon as you get her undressed and you're heading to the bathroom, she gets so excited...her little legs get to kickin and she just giggles.  It's so precious!

She has said "Dada" and "Mama," but it's not a regular thing.

These past 8 months have been amazing.  When I was pregnant with Alyssa, I wondered how in the world I would love another child as much as I loved Keira.  I felt guilty thinking that when I had another child on the way, but I didn't understand how my heart would have room for that much more love.  But I was easily shown the second that Alyssa was born.  I realized at that moment that my capability of loving had grown.  That I not only loved Alyssa as much as much as I loved Keira but that overall my heart was more full of love than ever.  And I still love them more and more every day it seems.  It's hard to believe that it's been 8 months since Alyssa so sweetly graced us with her arrival.  It's sad how fast the time goes.  Sometimes I literally just want to freeze time.  To rock my sweet baby forever.   But I know they have to grow and as hard as it is, its so fun watching them.  Watching them learn, and change, and grow into their own little personalities.  And I look forward to every second I get to spend with them.  I am so thankful that I have been blessed with these precious girls.  They have given me a whole new appreciation for life.  They have shown me what life is all about.

Happy 8 months Alyssa Nickole!  Thank you for bringing so much joy and sweetness into our world!  I love you with all of my heart!

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