Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spring Fever!!

Wow, what a georgeous day!!  This has 100% given me spring fever, as if I didn't have it already!  Spring is my absolute favorite season and this 70 degree day on the first day of February has totally teased me, knowing it will be getting cold again this weekend.  But with having the day off today, we have thoroughly taken advantage of this beautiful weather while it's here. We took a nice walk up to our neighborhood park/playground.  I normally can't get Keira to leave without forcing her back into the stroller and her throwing embarassing fits, but there was a constant loud truck up the street that she was petrified of, so it kind of worked out that she wanted to leave after a bit.

This pitiful look was caused by that darn loud truck!  So sad!

Typically, by that time Keira is ready for her nap, but I hated her to go to down so soon and sleep the beautful afternoon away so we did a craft out on the deck first.  We made some adorable "flower art" (got the idea from I'm always looking for cute things to do with Keira if anyone wants to share ideas! This flower garden was a cute craft idea for her age, even though she is just as content to sit there and cut a piece of paper up into a million and one pieces.  She was very proud of it when we were done though =)  And I think Alyssa and Cooper enjoyed the time outside too!

I hope you have enjoyed this beautful day too!


  1. Amber, your babies are absolutely precious! So enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Aww thanks Sara! I also enjoy reading yours..and your little Keelin is just adorable!!

  3. What adorable faces....Lately I have been watching ALL my videos of Lacy and trying to put them on DVD, I haven't mastered that yet but it brought back memories and all the times she said "I LOVE YOU".