Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So I have been a little busy to blog this past week.  It has been pretty uneventful, but with Keira being sick, we have been giving more of our attention to her.  It started with her throwing up at church on Sunday, and she hasn't been herself ever since.  She has complained of her tummy hurting, her back hurting, she hasn't eaten hardly anything, and she has been laying around most of the time.  Considering that she normally cannot sit still, her laying around so much tells us she isn't feeling well.  We did take her to the doctor yesterday, having to see the NP since it was a last minute appointment, and after Keira refused to pee pee in a cup, she said she had a yeast infection and was just going to send us away with a cream for that.  So I questioned the throwing up, the diarreah, the loss of appetite, the tummy and back pain, etc and why that would have anything to do with a yeast infection.  Honestly, it looks no worse than a typical slight diaper rash after her wearing her diaper all night.  She said maybe she had a touch of a virus.  Needless to say, I am frustrated with those answers.  They sent us home with a cup so we can try to collect some pee pee here at home which is what I hope to do today.  I have a feeling she has a urinary tract infection...that makes a lot more sense than a yeast infection!  If she isn't any better, hopefully we can see her actual doctor today.  My poor baby girl =(

I did manage to clean out our absolutely horrific, scary to open the door, bedroom closet this weekend while Keira napped on the couch for three and a half hours.  That was quite an accomplishment for me.  I've been wanting to tackle it but got so overwhelmed everytime I thought about it.

I know you could care less about my closet before and afters, but I really wanted to play around with adding the text to the pictures more than anything. 

Keira found my cowgirl hat!

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