Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our 2am Laugh

Here lately, Keira has been making a habit of coming into our room in the middle of the night and crawling into our bed to sleep for the rest of the night.  Something a lot of parents think negatively of, but something that I honestly don't mind too much.  My children are only going to be small for a very short amount of time, and if I have that chance to snuggle and bond with them that much more then I am not complaining!  Most say, oh you need to stop that habit don't want a teenager in your bed...etc etc, but I highly doubt that even at 10 years old Keira will want to be in our bed.  So if there are nights that she wants to be with her mommy and daddy, I'm not always going to turn her away.  Instead, my mommy instinct tells me to welcome her!  Life is too short and they grow waaay too fast!

But last night when tucking her into her little bed, as a way to encourage her to stay in her big girl bed all night, Scott tells her that she can have one of her favorite pumpkin muffins for breakfast when she gets up...if she stays in her bed all night.  Well 1:30am rolls around, and there's Keira trying to get in our bed.  Scott asks her to go back to her bed, and she willingly leaves the room.  So a little while later, I thought I should go check on her because she has never gone back to her room on her own that easily.  Before I get out of my room, I notice Keira balled up in our big leather computer chair with Cooper staring at her.  It's dark of course, so I'm like Keira what in the world are you doing??  She had a pumpkin muffin in her hand eating away at 2:00 in the morning.  She had left our room, gotten one of her little chairs to reach the kitchen counter, unwrapped the saran wrap, and helped herself to a pumpkin muffin...she had left her chair and 2 stuffed animals on the counter as evidence.  She didn't care that it was only 2am, she had that muffin on her mind, and she went for it!  This girl's a trip, and I love it =)

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  1. This is so cute Amber, I used to write a journal to Lacy of all the silly things she did or memories but thank you so much for sharing:-)