Friday, February 17, 2012

A New Kinda Bathtime!

Isn't that just the sweetest little face and the chubbiest little cheeks you've ever seen?  Oh how I love her!

Alyssa, being 7 months old now, has still been taking baths in her little baby bath tub.  Partially because she has a hard time sitting up by herself...and partially because she is my baby and I enjoy baby-ing her every chance I get!  But we tried a new kinda bathtime this week...Alyssa had her first big girl bath, sitting up, with her big sister!  Of coarse, she still had to sit in a little bathseat because she has a tendency to topple over while sitting upright for more than a few seconds, but other than being a bit wobbly, she did well.  I think she enjoyed her first big girl bath and I know Keira loved having her baby sister in the tub with her!


  1. I love how she has her hands up the whole time... and the photo of Kira staring at her is precious!

  2. i loved those days!!!!! w.g.

  3. I know Sara. I love how she is looking at her...shows her love!