Monday, February 27, 2012

And I'm not quite sure why I laugh...

I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about Scott's randomness...part of his personality that not many people see.  He picks on me...a lot.  And as frustrating as it is (emphasis on frustrating), I usually can't help but laugh.  Thinking back, here are some of the things that happened just this week...
  • He pulled my pants down, in front of our big dining room window.
  • He squished a goldfish on my forehead.
  • He sprayed chocolate whipped cream in my face.
  • He pre-chewed a chocolate chip cookie, and squeezed it out of his mouth onto my cheek...all over my cheek.  Disgusting!
  • Knowing how incredibly scared I am of the dark, he cut the kitchen light out on me when I was setting up my coffee pot for the next morning, intending to cut it back on as soon as I rounded the corner...but as soon as I realized it, I booked it to the bedroom, not realizing Alyssa's exersaucer was in the way...totally tripping over it...I cried and laughed and peed in my pants.  He sincerely apologized for the trauma it caused me.
  • It snowed this of coarse he had to throw snow at me.
  • He ate a piece of chocolate candy, and since I refused to try a piece of it for myself, he licked my mouth (including inside my mouth) with the chocolate all over his tongue...blah!
  • He flicked his toothbrush (full of water) at me AND...
  • He put ice down my pants.
Umm yes, he did do all of these things to me just this week.  And I'm sure there's countless more that I can't think of at the moment.  Boys never completely grow up.  But that's okay.  It makes me laugh...well sometimes...after the fact at least.  And despite all the picking, he did tell me loved me every chance he got, he did tell me how beautiful I was countless times, and he and Keira even picked me a pretty flower from our yard!

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