Monday, January 9, 2012

A Quarter of a Century...

So today I turn a quarter of a century's my 25th Birthday!!  I've already had a wonderful birthday weekend.  I had the entire weekend off with Scott and the girls and had all of my family over Saturday night. We had pizza and dessert, watched football, played the Wii and just enjoyed all being together.  It was very simple but so much fun.  I got some great gifts, mostly money, meaningful cards and a very sentimental gift from my Grandma and Papa that they had actaully given me for my very first birthday! 

My sister recently had some of our home videos put on DVD, one of them being my first birthday, and on there we realized that my grandparents had given me a tiny little gold ring, nothing fancy, just a simple band.  In the background, you can hear my Papa describing how he picked it out and had wanted it to have my birthstone on it but they didn't have that.  I have yet to watch that video, but I can't wait to!  It means so much, especially since Papa has recently gone to Heaven and we temporarily have to live without him.  He was such a special man and we miss him so much.  It is an emotional birthday knowing that I won't be seeing him.  Last year, he was very sick in the hospital, having just had an entire lung removed, and still managed to sing me Happy Birthday!  It was so very sweet and I will forever remember that!  Anyways, that was a very special gift for my Grandma to have found that ring for me and given back to me.  I now have it on looped through my cross necklace, and it's a constant reminder of my Papa and what an amazing man he was!

Now I'll be spending the rest of my birthday with Scott and the girls...being that its raining, Scott got sent home from work early, I decided to leave work early, and after we pick the girls up from MiMi's house, the four of us will be doing dinner alone...something we rarley do. I'm excited!

Thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday and to those who are a part of my life everyday! =)

Cupcakes my sweet Keira made for me for my birthday! 

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  1. As the tears flow down my face, this message is just a reminder to me how very sweet and dear you are to me. Papa did love you very much. He was an awesome Papa and loved his family. You are very blessed and we do have an incredible family...I love you Amber. I pray God will continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

    Love, Aunt Brenda