Monday, January 23, 2012

A Glimpse of Our Busy Weekend

My weekend off was full of get togethers! We were non-stop all weekend and we're all exhausted!  Friday was a long workday for me, 10am - 8:30pm, but I had Saturday and Sunday off.  Our weekend went a little like this...

  • Up at 6:30am to make my Dad's photo on canvas **more on that later**
  • Got ready for the day...Coffee, showers, breakfast
  • Lunch at Nonna's House with John, Casey, and Blake (Scott's mom, brother, his fiance' and their sweet baby boy)
  • Alyssa and Blake...they look related I think
    Nonna and Blake
    Keira and Aunt Casey
    Finally got some smiles
    Scott and Blake (excuse that shadow)
    Tummy Time!
    This child is mesmerized by television!

  • After leaving Nonna's house, the girls fell asleep in the car so I went in Kohls while Scott drove them around to at least let them catch a little bit of a nap
  • Came home, let Cooper out, and got re-ready to go right back out to Brenda's to celebrate my Dad's birthday

    Grampy's Birthday
  • Sunday was early service church, grocery store, and Austyn's birthday from 2-4 (Austyn is Nick's youngest son - Nick was Scott's very best friend that just passed away last March at 25 years old, very sad)
  • We went through McDonalds for dinner and came home to finally get in some relax time with just us.  I did manage to straighten up, do some laundry and start the dishwasher, but for most of the night we were all 4 piled on the sofa together...our favorite place to be!
  • And we hit a milestone last night...Keira slept IN her bed last night all night!  She usually falls asleep in the floor in front of the door after screaming for us to come get her.  She started that last night, screaming "Momma open the door! Open the door!  I don't like the door closed! I don't like the door closed!"  So I decided to go ask her if she would sleep in her bed if I left the door open.  She said "Uh Huh."  I just knew after a few minutes, she would come tip toeing down the hall and climb into our bed, but to our suprise she stayed tucked in her little bed with her huge comforter and a million and one stuffed animals ALL night...what a relief!
Back at work today so not much time to catch up, but thankful to have spent every second with my amazing husband and my precious girlies!

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