Thursday, January 19, 2012

Big Girl Panties!

So potty training Keira has been a little more challenging than we thought it would be (We have been trying off and on for almost a year).  Keira is super smart but also very stubborn.  That being said, she has known for awhile that she should be going on the potty and would have her successful moments, but it has always had to be on her terms.  If it was her idea, it was great and she would go, but if it was our idea you could forget it.  The past few weeks we have really been encouraging her to use the potty more....I mean she will be 3 years old in April so now is the time.  She has mostly been in pull ups and has had her good days and bad days.  Over the past 2 weeks, we've been putting her in big girl panties more frequently but not all of the time, and expecially not to school.  I have felt that she wasn't ready for that, thinking she would be too distracted to use the potty when she needed to. 

But she had been doing pretty good the past week, wearing her panties at home a lot more, so I was brave enough to send her to school in them today.  I packed at least 3 extra outfits, just knowing she would go through all of them.  So 1:00 came and it was time to pick her up.  I didn't know whether to be excited to pick her up and hear good news or to be nervous to hear about how she pee pee'd and poo poo'd all over the classroom.  When first walking down the hall, I noticed the plastic bag on top of her back pack.  I just knew that would be the first sign of a bad first day of wearing her big girl panties to school.  I was fully expecting her to have had multiple accidents, but as soon as the teacher (Mrs. Linda) saw me she was excited to share that she had used the potty every single time she had to go.  She asked to go all on her own, shut the door for privacy, and only had a wet pair of pants because she hadn't pulled her pants all the way down.  I couldn't believe it!  It was the first day she has worn panties for a consistent amount of time, and she did perfect!  I couldn't have been more proud of her at that moment...between her success wearing big girl panties all day and the fact that she didn't like the pants that Mrs. Linda switched her into because they didn't match her shirt.  Yes, she made it known that she wasn't happy with Mrs. Linda's selection of pants...she knew those hot pink pants did not go with her rasberry pink shirt (with brown polka dots) she wanted to change her entire outfit...what can I say?  Thats my girl.  So that was a proud moment too =)

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