Friday, January 20, 2012

Alyssa Nickole at 6 months

Alyssa turned 6 months old on the 12th of this month.  At her dr's appointment this past week, she was determined to be a healthy baby girl with the following info...

Weight:  14 lbs 6 oz (17%) - Petite
Height:  26.75 inches (82%) - Very long!
Head:  16.75 inches (51%) - Right on track

Her Hemangioma has not grown anymore but has not gone down in size either.  That is a good sign though.  They usually continue growing throughout infants' first year of life, so the fact that hers is not growing is great.  It is still purplish around the edges but beginning to disappear and become white in the center, and it's barely raised.  I was worried the first time that I researched hemangiomas because googling it can be very scary, but Alyssa is lucky in that hers is small and not growing.  In fact, I think it's adorable.  It's shaped like an upside down heart, which definitely suits her oh so very sweet personality.  It's kind of sad that it will eventually disappear completely (most likely) but I'm sure that's what she would prefer when she is older anyway.

Alyssa is still not sitting well alone.  She is very wobbly and can only sit upright for a couple of seconds before falling over.  The doctor said that's fine but that she may be a little later crawling and walking.  She said their personalities can affect how quickly they do these things.  So we have determined that she is a lazy baby =)  It's all good though.  I guess I'll just have to keep holding her...darn!  ;)

Here are a few pictures of my baby girl at 6 months (and a few with her big sister)...

(My white balance was accidentally set wrong on a few so ignore the bad coloring)

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